The NASA kids club is an excellent website for  kids with an interest in space. It offers a range of interesting educational activities and games focused on space and technology. 

What I like about the website is that it provides activities for kids of all ages and you can set the difficulty level of the games on offer.There are also  various sections catering for the Public, Educators and for Students with various free  tools and resources.

Some memorable games include

Grab It

A fun game in the Skill Level 1 where you grab items beginning with the letter in the Space Shuttle.

Rocket Builder

In Skill Level 2 you can build your own rocket.

Print and Play

The website also allows you to download and print activities in its "print and play" section. This is very useful for educators and parents.



The NASA Kids Club is not as content rich as most other children's website and you would expect a little more from the worlds leading space agency. It does, however offer some very useful and enjoyable educational tools.