As a dad I am acutely aware of the need to provide fun and entertaining education to my children. With a myriad of offerings on line, it can be pretty daunting to find good sites, apps and content for your little ones to enjoy and parents don't always have the time to sift through the chaff to get to the worth while resources to use with their children.

With my jollitots animation I'm trying in my own limited way to contribute to my children' education but I do realise that I don't have the skill or resources to provide such excellent content that already exist on the internet. I hope that I would be able to share some of my "finds"(books, games, websites etc.) with parents and I hope that we can start a community of sharers so that we can find those hidden "gems" out there for our kiddies. 

Come and  join me on my journey and share your ideas and thoughts. As parents we are all in this together with no manual. The least we could do is to support each other.