IN THIS SECTION I WILL TRY AND PROVIDE YOU WITH SHORT SUMMARies AND REVIEWs OF SOME OF THE BOOKS THAT I'VE BOUGHT FOR MY CHILDREN. hopefully this will give you some ideas of which books to buy for your kiddies.

Yikes, Stinkysaurus!
By Pamela Butchart

Yikes, Stinkysaurus!


This is a cute and funny story about a very smelly dinosaur. Eventually all the other dinosaurs decide to take action and help stinky smell better again.

What did I like about this book?: This book teaches children about good personal hygiene in a fun and novel way.

Age Group: 3-5 Years

Marmaduke- the Very Different Dragon

Marmaduke was a pleasant surprise! My daughter absolutely loved this book. Its a story about a dragon that is different to other dragons and because of this, no princess wants him as her dragon...or at least not  until he meets a "very different princess" who becomes his friend.

What did I like about this book?: This book teaches children to embrace their individuality, which in turn instils confidence. Its main message is that  Its OK to be different.

Age group: 3-5 years of age


No-Bot the Robot with no Bottom!

This is a really fun book that tells the story of a robot who has lost his bottom. The story follows the robot as he searches for his bottom.


What did I like about this book? Its a fun and different story which will make your child giggle. 

Age Group: 2- 5 Years


The Shark in the Dark
By Peter Bently

The Shark in The Dark

This is a story about a hungry shark that wants to eat the fish and other ocean creatures. They all stand together against the shark to repell him.


What did I like about this book?

This book teaches children that sometimes its better to work together as a team. Together you can overcome obstacles bigger than yourself.

Age Group: 3-5


Don't Worry Hugless Douglas

Hugless Douglas is a young bear who's father gave him a new woolly hat. His hat soon turns into one string of long spaghetti and Hugless tries to fix it.


What did I like about this book? I really liked the illustrations in the book and the message that it is ok to tell the truth  to your parents. I also liked the last few pages in the book that ilustrates all different types of hats.

Age Group: 3-5


Giraffes Can't Dance
By Giles Andreae

Giraffes Can't Dance

Gerald the Giraffe is a a wiry giraffe with crooked knees and thin legs that desperately would like to dance. He really struggles until a little cricket gives him some advice that gives him the confidence to dance better than all the other animals.


What did I like about this book? I liked the illustrations of all the different animals doing their various dances. It also has a good motivating theme.


Age Group: 3-5


Barry the Fish with Fingers

I love Sue Hendra's books. They all contain very fun and cute stories with beautiful illustrations. This book was one of my daughter's favourites and she still loves it. Barry is a fish with fingers and he puts it to good use to save his friend Puffy.


Why did I like this book? Fun storyline with beautiful and colourful illustrations.


Age Group: 2-4